The Strategy

We look for exciting opportunities focused in the digital infrastructure and technology services sectors. The decades of investment experience our team has in our core industries keeps us at the forefront of emerging trends.

We invest & build for the long term

Our tenure and deep understanding of these sectors define our strategy and determine our investment playbook, empowering us to find value where others can’t and do the deals that others won’t.

Industry focused

We don’t get distracted by industry noise and we see potential where others don’t. Our thoughtful, long-term approach with portfolio companies enables us to achieve sustained operational excellence, support businesses as they scale and maximize value for investors.

We remain committed to the disciplined strategy that gives us resilience and has generated value through past economic cycles.

Our industry focus positions us well to be a leading investor today and the future.


Creative approach

While we are disciplined in our strategy, we are flexible in our approach. We balance our willingness to look at companies of all stages, structure deals differently and apply resources in creative ways with our unwavering focus on long-term growth. 

We identify the less obvious opportunities and connect the dots to have the biggest impact over the long run.  It might be a cash infusion or an addition to the management team.  It could be revising the product portfolio or expanding the sales channel.  

Our creativity drives how we navigate deals and how we help  improve operations and accelerate growth for our portfolio companies.

Constructive partner

We are behind our company founders and management teams every step of the way. We invest beyond capital, sharing our network and resources to support growth and make good companies great. It is a team effort.

Over three decades we have built many of the premier companies in our industries. These experiences provide us with the insight and resources to help our companies succeed. We don’t just hope for the best, we work closely with teams to overcome challenges.

Our constructive partnership keeps us closely engaged with our portfolio companies over the investment period as we work closely with management teams to build businesses with long term value.